Saturday Gang Report September-December 2016

Greetings and welcome to 2017 from the Saturday Gang! With the new year still young, it is time to look back on what the final four months of 2016 yielded for our work, both on overhauls and running locomotives. So let’s dive right in!


Hunslet Austerity Class 0-6-0PT 25 ‘Northiam’-  This loco is making good progress. Until this year I had never seen it in steam, but we finally got the opportunity in October, when the boiler received its steam test. The aftermath, and the extensive washout required, can be seen in the November video report. As of the end of the year, the boiler is also largely insulated as well.
LB&SCR A1X Class 0-6-0T 32670 ‘Bodiam’-  Our famous ‘terrier’ has just reached the end of its boiler ticket, and has thus left service for a while.

LB&SCR A1X Class 0-6-0T 32678 ‘Knowle’-  Remains in service, with minor maintenance performed on the dome in September.
NSB 21C Class 2-6-0 376 ‘Norwegian’- Remains in service. Minor running maintenance was done during this period, such as washouts and running tests on the air brakes.
WD USA Class 0-6-0T 30065 ‘Maunsell’- This loco has just about reached the end of its boiler ticket. It will be missed for now.
WD USA Class 0-6-0T DS238 ‘Wainwright’- As our other significant effort, much has been done on this loco. We removed the cladding during this period, which was cleaned and repainted. The same was also done to the loco’s domes and smokebox door. Progress is going quickly, as it needs to if  ‘Wainwright’ is to return to service in time.
Manning Wardle O Class 0-6-0T 14 ‘Charwelton’- No new information.
SE&CR P Class 0-6-0T 753-  No new information.

GWR 1600 Class 0-6-0PT 1638- Remains in service, no new information as of the end of 2016.


Well that pretty much sums up this entry, and 2016 as a whole. I hope the year was a pleasant one for you, and that this one is even better. As always, our Facebook page and YouTube channel are just below. Do feel free to subscribe and drop us a like if you haven’t already. All being well our next update should be in May. Until then, all the best wishes from the Saturday Gang!