Saturday Gang Report September-December 2015


Hello and welcome to 2016 from the Saturday Gang! Here we are, as promised, detailing what the final third of 2015 had in store. Progress has continued at a steady rate on our regular locos, and we have been able to start giving attention to ones that have wanted a bit of work for a good long while! For the specifics, here is our locomotive roundup:


Hunslet Austerity Class 0-6-0T 25 ‘Northiam’- This is something of a flagship project for us at the moment. Following on from the spring, we gave the cab and tank another coat of paint in the autumn, making use of the last of the good weather! But most of the work has focused on the boiler, specifically the firebox. Throughout the period we’ve added new bolt and rivet holes on base of foundation ring, along with making new mudhole doors.
25's boiler on its wagon

LB&SCR A1X Class (Terrier) 0-6-0T 32670 ‘Bodiam’- We’ve been conducting general maintenance on perhaps our most famous loco. The November report demonstrates our efforts to reinsert the blast pipe, as well and cleaning and reassembling the firebox.

LB&SCR A1X Class (Terrier) 0-6-0T 32678 ‘Knowle’- No new information.

NSB 21C Class 2-6-0 376 Norwegian’- In September we cut this loco some new fire bars: well they didn’t fit the other locos so why waste them?

WD USA Class 0-6-0T 30065 ‘Maunsell’- Currently serving as the railway’s primary workhorse, ‘Maunsell’ remained in service. Only minor running maintenance was required occasionally, such as removing and emptying the oiler in October.

WD USA Class 0-6-0T DS238 ‘Wainwright’- Finally, our other USA tank is getting some TLC! We’ve drilled new holes for the firebox door and modified the regulator stuffing box. As of the end of the year, a new regulator gland is under construction.
Two of our volunteers drill holes in DS238's firebox

Manning Wardle O Class 0-6-0T 14 ‘Charwelton’- Just some general maintenance on this loco, such as clearing a blocked sander in October, and cleaning the vacuum brake.

SE&CR P Class 0-6-0T 753- It’s been ages since we’ve done anything on this one! But at last, the P Class got some attention, with a new piston being machined. There’s still an awful lot of work to be done before this loco is anywhere near operation, but it’s nice to know it isn’t forgotten.
753's frames inside Rolvenden shed

GWR 1600 Class 0-6-0PT 1638- Out of service, undergoing overhaul.

Ransomes & Rapier 30-ton Steam Crane DS81- I know, I know this isn’t technically a loco! But it’s worth mentioning, as the lamp bracket we were building in the summer was soon finished and attached to the crane.  Just another example of continual running improvements the Saturday Gang can provide!



Well that’s all there is to say about our progress in 2015. If you’d like to contact us, please go to our Facebook page, or check out SaturdayGangVideos on YouTube for the earliest video updates. All that remains is to wish you all the best for 2016 on behalf of the Saturday Gang. We’ll see you in the Spring!