January 2013 Report

Saturday Gang January 2013 Report

Welcome to the Saturday Gang's January 2013 update. We've been busy "behind the scenes" and have plenty to report.

Hopefully you're aware that the Saturday Gang's current main project is the 10 year overhaul of 25 Northiam. Having dismantled all of the motion and started the long process of de-rusting the frames late in 2012 it shouldn't surprise you we're still at it! However during January we have made excellent progress and have continued to plug away at this long and sometimes arduous job. However, without de-rusting and painting the frames we cannot progress with reassembly and repairs. Once the motion and frames are all reassembled it will be impossible to paint the frames again, so we need to ensure our work lasts 10 years till the next overhaul. Trying to access the frames whilst the loco is in service is quite tricky!

One of many volunteers de-rusting 25's frames
"January has been a productive month. There's something to be said for days when all volunteers, old and new, regardless of qualification just band together and power through one job. I refer to the successive weeks spent cleaning up 25's frames and painting them. People may wonder why a month's worth of the same job does not become boring or demoralising. The answer is quite simple; every Saturday morning we come into the shed and see 25 looking a certain way, and in the evening when we leave it looks a little bit newer each time. Over this month we've seen our loco's condition improve a little each week, to the extent that it now has at least one fresh coat of paint on either side. That's something to take pride in"
.J Allen

The above quote summarises the feeling of the Gang at the moment. Yes our work on 25 could be seen as repetitive (and seemingly never ending!) but we really have a strong desire to return 25 Northiam to service. Our enthusiasm and determination is stronger than various challenges and problems the overhaul throws at us.

Just to summarise all the works carried out on 25 Northiam throughout January, with a few pictures to illustrate

·       Top coat in red all of the inside of the frames
·       Derusting, cleaning and preparing the outside of the frames for painting (a massive job!)
·       First coat of red oxide applied to both sides of the frames
·       Manufacturing of new components in machine shop, through this we have provided some basic training on lathe operation.

Painting 25's frames, note them being filmed as well!
The Saturday Gang has continued to provide support and assistance on various running repairs on different locomotives. After Christmas and January is the loco dept's shutdown period where we can draw breath and catch up with running repairs and outstanding works. The locomotives are also winterised to prevent frost damage and as far as possible, protect them from the worst of the elements. We don't mind winterising the locos but if anybody has a spare £500,000 for a new loco shed then feel free to donate!

Note the blankets protecting the key components
One of our major efforts has been carrying out cleaning and some minor repairs to 1638 (Pannier) which was used quite extensively over the Christmas period. Again, not glorious work but very necessary.

1638 under repair, after a busy Christmas period
Videos from January can be found at: 

 You can view our full photo album at: www.kesrloco.co.uk

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Plenty going on at at Rolvenden, 25 Northiam facing camera
We'd also like to appeal for more volunteers. A few extra people even once a month would make so much difference. No skills or experience is required and we welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. So if you're interested please get in touch.

We'll be back with February's news in early March. It should make interesting reading as work on reboring the cylinders will begin, along with repairs to the running plates and much more!

Thank you for reading,

Saturday Gang

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