January & February 2014 Report

Welcome to the joint reports for January and February 2014:


Two volunteers preparing components for fitting
January and February have continued to be busy for the Saturday Gang. The K&ESR shut down after Christmas for a much needed winter break. When not running trains it allows the loco dept to catch it's breath and get on top of a long maintenance list. We are somewhat fortunate in 2014 that the K&ESR is closed longer than usual to facilitate the major P-Way works that are ongoing just beyond the depot down by the sewage works. 

The Saturday Gang returned from our various Christmas and New Year celebrations in high spirits and we didn't waste any time in getting back to work! Naturally our works continued on 25 Northiam but we have also been assisting in DS238 Wainwright's overhaul. Ontop of that we have been doing our part to carry out repairs on heavy maintenance on the operational loco fleet. 

So let's get started: 

25 Northiam: 

25 Northiam's frames - lowered onto wheels once more
Various works have been undertaken in direct continuation from our efforts before Christmas. 25's frames have been fully lowered and reunited with her wheels. So the good news is we have rolling frames to work with. This has lead us into the next stage of the frame overhaul, adding all of the associated linkeage and components to get the motion inside the frames to work with the wheels. 
Kalmar digger with 25's conrods,
brake rods and rear buffers in the bucket. 
In order to do that we had to clear up and go and get the required components (a day's work in itself!). The timber which we used to support the loco's frames was put back into store and more components were retrieved from store. We retrieved and placed alongside 25 the conrods, brake rods and rear buffers. We also went down the line and retrieved the flange lubricators from sister loco n.o 24 Rolvenden. Work has begun to prepare these components and the frames for fitting. Every job we undertake requires careful preparation We were aided part of the way by the kalmar digger (normally used for coaling up) by placing components in the bucket. However the kalmar can't fit into the shed so we had to make the final part of the journey by hand, quite a heavy and labour intensive process. 
Conrods laid out, waiting for us to finish the frames! 
We have fitted the rear buffers and flange lubricators. The guard irons too have been extensively refurbished and refitted. They look rather smart at the moment but that won't last long in service! Other smaller components have been reinstalled such as the rear cab steps. This does make climbing ontop of the frames easier and safer. 
Volunteer fitting 24's flange lubricators to 25

DS238 Wainwright

DS238 Wainwright under overhaul
The overhaul continues and the lengthy process of de-rusting and repairing components is continuing. Works have also been taking place on the boiler, welding is taking place on the backhead where a access hole was cut previously. The task of removing all of the old boiler tubes is complete. One example of the Saturday Gang's contribution to the overhaul is shown below where a volunteer is de-rusting a steam pipe. 

De-rusting DS238 steam pipe

753 P Class

No progress to report 

In the works / news at Rolvenden: 

Winterised = In boiler ticket and is available for service if required. 
Stored = Out of boiler ticket / in need of major overhaul or repairs

32670 Bodiam: Winterised. 

32678 Knowle: Winterised. 

12 Marcia: Stored. 

14 Charwelton: Receiving some light repairs and long term maintenance

14 Charwelton in the shed
376 Norwegian: Winterised. 

23 Holman F Stephens: Winterised. 

24 Rolvenden: Stored. 

1638: Winterised. 

6619: The boiler ticket has been extended. It will expire at the end of the current year. 

65 Maunsell: Currently under routine maintenance. 

DS238 (left) under overhaul with sister loco n.o 65
 (right) receiving maintenance 
5668: This loco is currently at Rolvenden with preventative work being undertaken to protect the loco from further corrosion. Once complete the loco will be stored, awaiting for restoration work to begin. 

5668 at Rolvenden

Videos / Photos 

January's video Report: 

February's video Report:

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Many thanks for reading. 

Saturday Gang.

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