Saturday Gang Report September-December 2017


Welcome to 2018 from the Saturday Gang! 2017 ended rather well for us here at the Saturday Gang, with one overhaul finished, one nearing the end, and a new project about to begin. We were also featured in an article in the October edition of the RMT Union magazine, detailing the role of the volunteer sector in railway engineering. It is very nice to see our small group receive recognition like this, and we’re very grateful to the representatives that came to the shed.
Now I know you’re all dying to hear the condition of our engines facing the new year, so here goes!


Hunslet Austerity Class 0-6-0PT 25 ‘Northiam’-  We are not far off on this one! We’ve seen this loco get closer by the week over the last four months. Our work has included some modifications to the damper rod to prevent fouling on operation, adjustments to the brake lubricator, and re-inserting the brick arch. We’ve also given the loco new coats of paint on the running plate and steam heat pipe. In December, ‘Northiam’ undertook one of the last steam tests so it’s really not long now…

WD USA Class 0-6-0T DS238 ‘Wainwright’- The overhaul is complete! The Saturday Gang helped out on the final stages, replacing the windows, reconnecting the brake cylinder and lagging the respective pipe. Also a union nut was damaged, so one of our volunteers set about constructing a new one in the shed’s machine store. We were delighted to see this loco return to service in time for the holiday season.

WD USA Class 0-6-0T 30065 ‘Maunsell’-  The overhaul on this loco is only just beginning. We spent the end of the year preparing to strip off and label each component. It’s going to be a long road.

GWR 1600 Class 0-6-0PT 1638- Remains in service.  We carried out running maintenance on this loco throughout the period. Some damaged springs needed to be removed in the Autumn, along with a replaced joint in the steam heat pipe.

NSB 21C Class 2-6-0 376 ‘Norwegian’-  Remains in service. Running maintenance has included reassembling the rocking grate and firebars.

LB&SCR A1X Class 0-6-0T 32678 ‘Knowle’-  Remains in service.

LB&SCR A1X Class 0-6-0T 32670 ‘Bodiam’- Out of service.

Manning Wardle O Class 0-6-0T 14 ‘Charwelton’- Out of service.

SE&CR P Class 0-6-0T 753-  Out of service.



So that’s the end of 2017 for the Saturday Gang. Another year, another loco returned to service.  We are all very proud of what we have achieved in the past year, and expect further progress throughout 2018. You can probably expect a further update on that progress in May, when the next blog entry is due. Until then, be sure to check out our monthly reports and give our Facebook page a like if you haven’t all ready,
For now though, best wishes from all at the Saturday Gang!

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