September & October 2014 Report

Welcome to September and October's Report


Volunteers working on 25's boiler, note the access staging
Well the main summer running season passed and we're rapidly heading for winter (both weatherwise and traffic wise). The K&ESR slows down after August and runs fewer trains. This takes the pressure off a little though these 'quieter' months are our oppurtunity to catch up on work and ensure the fleet is ready for the Santa Specials.

Locos are coming out of traffic in quick succession, n.os 23 & 1638 have both been withdrawn from service upon expiry of their boiler tickets. This has reduced the pool of 'Class 5' locos quite substantially (the K&ESR rates locos according to how many MK1 carriages they can pull). With 6619 due out at the end of the year this will present challenges in 2015. However we're always up for a challenge!

So without further hesitation, deviation or repetition let's see what's been happening.


25 Northiam: 

Volunteer setting up a spring bush for machining
The Saturday Gang has continued to make progress with n.o 25 over the past few months. The frames were moved for the first time since their reassembly, this was part of a general re-org of the shed to allow 25's boiler to be brought back inside. The frames are currently sheeted and well protected from the elements, unfortunately under cover space is rather limited at Rolvenden so they may end up back outside at some point, hence the 'cover up'! The video report for September shows machining bushes for 25's springs and preparing the frames for movement (see below).

Removing rivet heads, with a powered chisel
As mentioned previously, 25's boiler has been brought back in. Remedial works had been identified some time before but only now are we in a position to address this. Time had to be spent setting up the lobo staging to give us a platform to work from. Work to replace failed rivets is underway, it's quite a laborious process.

DS238 Wainwright 

DS238 brought 'back down to earth'
Progress continues to be made on DS238's overhaul: the frames have been lowered back onto the wheels and motion reassembly is progressing. The firebox is coming along too, the cut out section of the outer firebox has been welded up and further works on the outer firebox are underway. Still a long way off returning to service but certainly encouraging signs. 

1638 Pannier 

1638's boiler, lifted from the frames by the steam crane
As mentioned in the introduction, 1638's boiler ticket has expired. The loco dept has wasted no time in lifting the boiler out of the frames and dismantling the motion. A full assessment of the works required to return 1638 to service will be done, then begins the process of repairs and reassembly. Although 1638 is in ok mechanical condition it will be few years until she steams again, though once DS238 is completed more attention can be given to 1638. 

In the works / news from Rolvenden

32670 Bodiam: Available for service.

32678 Knowle: Available for service. 

753 P Class: No progress to report.

P Class awaiting attention
12 Marcia: Stored in Orpins sidings awaiting remedial works to begin.

14 Charwelton: Available for service.

376 Norwegian: Available for service.

23 Holman F Stephens: Suffered a failure in service which lead to an early withdrawal for overhaul (only a week!). The current plan is to store n.o 23 until other overhauls are completed. During November the Saturday Gang will be stripping n.o 23 and preparing for her for storage. All the components such as ejectors, gauges, piping etc will be placed into secure storage. 

6619: Repairs / washout completed. Available for service.

6619 shortly before works completed
65 Maunsell: Available for service. 


Two video reports are available, covering both September & October. 

September 2014: 

October 2014:

Many thanks for reading, 

Saturday Gang 

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