November & December 2014 Report

Welcome to November & December's report.


Persuading 23 to dismantle!

November is a quiet month for the K&ESR, trains don't run (with the exception of the special on the 11th). December is entirely different, the Santa Specials are an integral part of the K&ESR's business each year. These trains require two 4-5 coach sets and two locos capable of pulling them. Thus November was busy in the loco dept, getting locos prepared for the busy December period. When much of the K&ESR goes into hibernation the loco dept and Saturday Gang keep busy!

It's certainly becoming a challenge supplying enough motive power for K&ESR needs: With only 6619, 65 & 376 capable of hauling the Santa Special trains it certainly is important to ensure the locos are well prepared. This issue becomes even tougher in 2015 as 6619 is due out for overhaul. Still, it would be boring if it wasn't a challenge - wouldn't it?


25 Northiam

Work on the boiler has continued apace, attention has shifted to fitting the foundation ring to the firebox. The chimney has also been returned to the shed to be fitted. Although it doesn't sound like much the work on the foundation ring has taken up many of our Saturdays in December. Please see December's video report (linked below) for more information. 

Note inner and outerfirebox stays. 

Preparing the foundation ring for fitting. 

DS238 Wainwright

DS238 Wainwright is slowly coming back together, the motion reassembly is continuing (as you can see in the photo). The pistons and valve gear are being repaired and put back together. Boiler repairs are ongoing, the patching being done on the firebox is getting close to completion. Reassembly of DS238 may be completed in 2015 though that depends on further progress and satisfying various inspectors.


1638 stripped, note centre driving wheels removed
1638 has been stripped down further since the last report. The frames afre currently residing in the shed, safe from the elements. The centre set of driving wheels have been removed for further dismantling.

In the works / news from Rolvenden

65 Maunsell: In service.

65 Maunsell on the New Year's Pullman
- photo courtesy Elliott Waters

32670 Bodiam: Winterised.

32678: Winterised.

753 P Class: No progress to report.

12 Marcia: No progress to report.

14 Charwelton: Winterised.

376 Norwegian: In service.

23 Holman F Stephens:

Two volunteers removing 23's ejectors

The Saturday Gang worked through most of November on stripping n.o 23 for storage. Removing key components such as the ejectors, gauges etc protect them from elemental damage. Dismantling a loco is in many ways easier than rebuilding it but nontheless some components haven't been disturbed since the previous overhaul, this can make it difficult to remove them. Indeed some components were well 'cemented' into position, still as ever we enjoy a challenge.

Removing the firebars, no fire in 23 for a little while.
We had great fun dismantling 23 as on occasion it involved a little DIY (destroy it yourself) using a hammer! Some components such as the brick arch can be recycled but cannot be reused, so we assure you it's not needless destruction! Of course where components can be reused we remove them with care and ensure they're stored correctly.

Doing this sort of preventative work is so important because it minimises the costs / effort required to return the loco to service. Roughly speaking, it will probably be at least 12-24 months before 23 is put through an overhaul. Thus the work we do now is ensuring the loco is stored in the best possible condition. One of the Saturday Gang members wrote an article in the Summer 2011 edition of the Tenterden Terrier detailing the process for storing a locomotive. So for further details please purchase a copy!

Returning re-usable firebars to the stores.

6619: Available for service until end of December.


November 2014 (for some reason blogger can't find this so below is the hyperlink):


December 2014:

The Saturday Gang hope you had a merry Christmas and wish you a happy new year.

Saturday Gang

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